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John D. Gill
In case you were wondering

I'm an engineer with a wealth of design, sales and project management experience. I work primarily in the design, sales and project management of custom molded rubber products for the aerospace, heavy equipment manufacturing, chemical processing, surface treatment and automotive industries. I have a background in printing press design construction and project management. I have also spent time producing effective business results within the hospitality and service industry both on the customer-facing operational side, and in the system and infrastructure environment. On this site you can find out a little about me, see some of the things I've done, discover what I'm good at, read some of the things I've been mentioned in or contributed to and of course contact me.

I have written a number of articles for the surface finishing industry and many of those are available on the site. Articles that show how masking can bring quality and consistency to surface finishing along with articles that describe custom masking solutions for the surface finishing industry.

If I post something here that you find helpful, that’s great. I should point out that this is my personal web site. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone.

John D Gill Engineer skills and biography