John D. Gill

With a father from Ireland and a mother from England, John D. Gill was born in Manchester.

After working his way through college and as an apprentice Mechanical Engineer, John progressed through the shop floor and into the design office where he helped implement the companies Computer Aided Design (CAD) system.

He went on to become a Project Engineer and travelled throughout Europe and North America managing installations of large printing and converting equipment. Ultimately moving to the United States of America to expand the sales and service division.

His experience in the converting industry made for an easy transition to the die cutting and rubber industry. His knowledge of capital equipment project management and background in design allowed him to set up and manage a number of world-class design and engineering departments and teams.

John is a firm believer in sharing technical knowledge and understands the importance of good engineering procedures and systems for a companies efficient development. Throughout his working life he has been a champion of sharing technical knowledge in the form of brand support and technical training for both existing products and when designing and bringing new products to the market place.

John currently designs for and supports a number of manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and China.

He is currently living in Scotland, with his wife Lynda, where he enjoys cycling.


John Dominic Gill


Manchester, United Kingdom


Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland


USA, UK, Ireland


Wife - Lynda

John Gill Engineer