Die Cut Masks - Making it easy for surface finishing

Some advanced features of die cut masks for surface finishing that can help with installation and removal of die cut masks.

Die cut masks save time and bring quality and consistency to the final product. Here are a few features that can be built into die cut masks to make their installation and removal easier and quicker.


Tabs can be added to die cut masks to help remove the mask from the liner and to help remove the mask after the coating process. A tab is an additional part of the die cut mask that is added to help handle the mask. Tabs can be adhesive or non-adhesive. Tabs can help you remove the mask from the liner before you apply the mask to the part by providing an area to hold that is not a part of the main mask. The adhesive on the mask can therefore remain untouched during the mask application process. This means the maximum adhesive bond between the mask and the part is achieved. Tabs can also help when removing the mask from the coated product. If you are having a problem seeing and removing masks after the coating is complete, a tab will help you find the mask and give you something to pull on to remove the mask.

Slit back liner

Die cut masks are manufactured on a liner, which is usually a complete piece, but it can be split into strips. The liner that is in strips is called slit back liner. Having the masks on a slit back liner means that instead of removing the complete mask from the liner, a section of the liner can be removed to expose the adhesive in one area of the mask. Exposing only a section of the adhesive allows you to align the mask with the part and then stick that section of the mask to the part. Once that section of the mask is applied to the part you can then remove the remainder of the liner. Slit back liner is also useful when the mask is an unusual or delicate shape. The liner can be peeled away from the mask instead of having to handle the mask to pull it off the liner.

These are just a few of the things that are possible with die cut masks. So talk to a masking supply company such as Caplugs or Greentree and ask about incorporating some of these features into your die cut masks.

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