Custom masking improves powder coating process

Custom molded masks can improve your powder coating process dramatically. Quality problems can disappear, consistency becomes the norm and production times can be lowered.

But how do you go about ensuring that your process will improve if you invest in custom molded masking? The first step is to ensure your supplier has a reliable method in place to be able to deliver your solution. Secondly you need to have identified the problems you are having with the process and be ready to explain those to your masking supplier. Thirdly, you need to have knowledge of the features of a good custom molded mask.

At Caplugs, we have a history of supplying custom masking solutions. Not only do we have a reliable method in place to ensure you get what you need, we also have a range of features that will ensure your masks perform and improve your powder coating process.

Features to consider

Color. It has been a long time since color was first used to identify the sizes of standard masking products, so it’s important to consider color in your custom masks. Color can help identify size. It can help to highlight which product the masks should fit on. It can also identify age. By producing a custom mask in green when it is first ordered and in red the next time it is ordered, you can be sure of the age of your masks.

Material. For powder coating the material of choice is silicone. It is a flexible material that can resist the temperatures of the powder coating process. For custom masks it is possible to vary certain elements in order to make the mask perform differently. The mask can be made more or less flexible, which means the powder that may become coated on the mask can be removed more easily.

Orientation. To ensure that masks are fitted correctly text can be added to them to help with orientation or identification. Physical features can also be added to help ensure the mask can only fit the correct way on the part.

Recognition. Physical features can also be added to make a portion of the mask stand out in order to help an image sensor or robot identify the part. A raised stud or post on a mask can be picked up by a sensor which can help ensure ensure the correct parts are being coated.

Magnetic masks. Magnets can be incorporated into masks to help the masks grip onto the part. If a large flat surface needs to be masked magnets can be built into the mask. Incorporating magnets into a mask to hold it together can ensure a faster application.

Often a good custom mask has a combination of all of the above. It is a distinctive shape, made from a custom compound, with engraving to identify the part and may have magnets built into it to ensure the mask sticks to the part.

So contact Caplugs now to learn how we can improve your powder coating process with custom molded masks.

Written by John for Caplugs, the article was published as an advertorial in Powder Coated Tough Magazine.

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