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Powder Coated Tough Magazine

Is Custom Masking Right for your process

Custom masking improves powder coating process

    Powder Coated Tough magazine is the official publication of the Powder Coating Institute. Each issue focuses on powder coating and how it is used. The magazine delivers case studies, solutions and resources to help readers succeed in their business.

    The Powder Coating Institute represents the North American powder coating industry, promotes powder coating technology and communicates the benefits of powder coating to manufacturers, consumers, and government.

Custom Die Cuts simplify masking

    Masking has long been a craft as much as a technology. The shop that understands how to mask efficiently and accurately has a natural edge over competitors. This article explores the impact of technolgy on die cuts and their use in the surface finishing industry

    Published in Canadian Finishng & Coatings Manufacturing Magazine. Read the full article.

CAD Transforming Hooks and Racks

    An article explaining how Computer Aided Design has impacted the design of hooks and racks for the surface finishing industry

    Published in Canadian Finishng & Coatings Manufacturing Magazine. Read the full article.

    Canadian Finishing & Coatings Manufacturing Magazine is Canada's only magazine for industrial finishing and coatings manufacturing. CFCM covers Industrial Finishing - Paint, Powder Coating, Wood Finsing, PVD, Plating, Anodizing and Paint & Coating Manufacturing. The magazine is published every two months.

Canadian Coatings and Finishing Manufacturing Magazine

Start masking today

Mask Consistently

    How to bring consistancy to your masking process by using die cut masks. This article describes some features of die cut masks for surface finishing and shows how using them can bring consistency to your final surface finished product. Learn how to mask consistently using die cuts.

    Published in Finishing Magazine.

    Finishing magazine is a specialist bi-monthly journal. It provides technical information and news for the metal finishing and surface coating community. Based in the UK, Finishing covers all aspects of metal finishing, surface treatment and surface engineering techniques.

Finishing Magazine

Handles for Masking

    Installing and removing masking quickly is one of the keys to an efficient coating line. Handles on masking can reduce the production process time and can reduce damage to the coated surface. Handles can also ensure masking is installed correctly. Learn how handles on masking can improve your process.

    Published in Surface World.

Vents for Masking

Nuts, Bolts and Magnets for Masking

A Cleaner Paint Line

Masking Holes Efficiently

Vinyl, a versatile masking material

Masking material - Making it easy

Preserve your investment in masking

Ordinary can become extraordinary

Die cut masks - Tabs and Slit back liners

Die cut masks - The next generation

A winning process for custom masking

Quality and consistency can be quick

    With the help of die cut masks there is no reason why you can’t reduce your process cycle time whilst increasing the quality and consistency of your final product. Introduction to die cut masks and how they can reduce your process times.

    Published in Surface World. Download and print the full article

    Surface World is a UK based publication for the Surface Finishing and Treatment Industry. Published 11 times a year, Surface World Magazine, along with the associated Surface World exhibition are prime sources of technical innovations and product information for the surface finishing and treatment industry.

Editorials highlighting work in design and project management
Time saving custom molded mask Converting and 3D printing equipment specified and sourced by John Unusual die cut for masking in the automotive industry Smart features on a custom molded mask
Time saving custom molded mask for the aerospace market Converting and 3D printing equipment, specified and sourced Unusual die cut mask to be used in the automotive industry Smart features of a custom molded mask designed for the sheet metal industry
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Surface World Magazine

Caps for Surface Finishing

    Not all caps are created equal. In addition to the differences in inside diameter and length, there are a number of materials that masking caps can be made from. It is now quite easy to find masking caps to suit your finishing process. This article explores the different styles and materials available for masking Read more about caps for surface finishing.

    Published in Finishing and Coating. Download and read the full article

Masking Countersunk Holes

    Countersunk holes are everywhere, and they can be difficult to mask. Standard straight pull plugs don’t mask the angled face and tapered plugs are too long to mask the hole and the angled face completely. Thankfully there are plugs available that are specifically designed to mask countersunk holes. Read more about masking countersunk holes.

    Published in Finishing and Coating. Download and read the full article

    Finishing and Coating is a web site specifically for the finishing and coating industry. It is an informative mix of industry news and education for the plating, powder coating, liquid coating, anodising, conversion coating and e-coat industries.

Finishing and Coating

Designing for Smart Injection Molding

    Injection molding is the most common method of producing plastic components, so when designing plastic parts, it is important to understand what you can do to ensure the part can be manufactured as efficiently as possible. Read more about designing for smart injection molding.

    Published in Medical Plastics News. Download and read the full article

    Medical Plastics News is the voice of the medical plastics industry. It is an essential source of business critical, highly relevant and unique intelligence, which stimulates thought leadership and nurtures an innovative and connected community of industry stakeholders. It is the essential source of technology breakthroughs and industry intelligence for manufacturers of plastic medical devices.

Medical Plastics News

Finding the Right Fit with Elastomers

    Often the best, and sometimes the only, solution to a challenging manufacturing puzzle involves the use of custom rubber parts, components, or assemblies.

    Published in Job Shop. Read the full article

    Job Shop brings together American manufacturers with OEM Buyers.

Job Shop Magazine

How to get better masking with Die Cuts

Masking materials - What are the differences?

Cutting cost and complexity

    Custom masking can provide higher productivity and greater consistency of the finished product than parts masked with other types of devices.

    Published in Products Finishing

    Products Finishing is a USA based publication for the finishing industry.

Product Finishing Magazine